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Head of Customer Success (Hybrid/Remote)
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Louisville, Kentucky, United States
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FreshFry is seeking a Head of Customer Success to define, lead, and execute on our vision to be a customer-first company, deeply understanding the restaurant-industry customer experience and navigating adoption blockers. We desire a true partner to help create and drive all aspects of Customer Success, as we believe firmly that technology is only as good as the user can adopt and succeed. 

About FreshFry

FreshFry is a venture-backed start up that takes agricultural scraps and turns them into products that clean frying oil in restaurants, saving them time, money and keeping them safer. Our goal at FreshFry is to repurpose one billion pounds of scraps in ten years. Why? We believe that food waste is just a lack of creativity, and we are a group of people motivate to prove its true value. Our solutions are now used in over 13 countries worldwide, impacting thousands of restaurants daily and reducing millions of pounds in emissions. 

FreshFry is committed to developing a work environment that is reflective of the diverse world that it serves. Applicants from all populations and underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply. Consideration for employment will be given to all applicants without regard to race/ethnicity, gender identity/sexual orientation, age or ability.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • You will oversee & execute on key functions related to client relationship management: outcome-based success planning, onboarding, implementation, adoption, and expansion. 
  • The Head of Customer Success will develop the vision and operating structure for post-sale motions alongside the Founder, Revenue Operations, and Head of Sales. This includes but is not limited to defining & remaining accountable to organizational KPIs, appropriate customer segmentation & correlating motions, customer ROI analyses, timely communication strategies, and managing any relevant customer success technologies. 
  • You will report regularly to the extended leadership team on organization performance through agreed upon metrics and share challenges, opportunities, and suggested actions to best manage projects.
  • You will be the voice of the customer to Operations and R&D to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of our organization. Use this voice to advocate for evolution in product or process.

What are Specific measures of success? Expected Outcomes.

We are looking for a leader who will help us build these measures and appropriate measurement periods in the areas below:


  • Our north star of customer behavior - Utilization rate: The actual purchase frequency over the theoretical maximum. 
  • The One Metric that Matters in CS: Users and buyers are different people, what is our OMTM for customer satisfaction? How do we know that our customers are satisfied? 
  • Build your bench: What is your ideal team structure? Are they CSM’s or AM’s? Deliver an expected plan for team to meet or exceed budget.
  • Budget: Meet or beat the budget plan. You are also instrumental to the reforecasting efforts.


Function Improvements: establish and execute a plan for enhancing the following areas of focus:

·      Define campaigns for increased product adoption.

·      Identify customer challenges and streamline their resolutions.

·      Segmentation of customers for effectively servicing them

·      Establish Customer Advisory Board and/or Community.

Compensation: The offered compensation package would include a strong base salary, bonus up to 30% and based on candidate experience, equity.

Milestones: first 12 months

Phase 1: Meet our top customers, customer health audit, assessment and make recommendations for Customer Support, toolkits, operational metrics, and dashboards, and identify internal employee support needs.

Phase 2: Organizational Structuring: definition of roles & responsibilities for new positions and current positions. Work with the team to identify areas of opportunity in process & procedure. Pay special attention to new transaction style opportunities that better serve customers and company.

Phase 3: Ownership of Improvements: implementation, testing and iteration


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