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Executive Director of Customer Success
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Most revenue cycle companies perform their services using the same antiquated software their clients have already implemented – but not Encoda! We have designed innovative solutions using technology, automation, and data to simplify complexities in medical reimbursements. Our cloud-bases (SaaS) claims and denials management platform bridges the workflow gaps between Practice Management Systems, clearinghouses, and payers. It’s what makes us unique and undeniably key to our clients’ financial health!


We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Executive Director of Customer Success and Support Services to lead our customer service operations and customer success teams. This role is pivotal in blending customer success with business development, ensuring a cohesive, data-led and customer informed process. We are looking for career-minded people with the ability to uphold our mission. If you are a dynamic leader with a proven track record in customer success and support services, we would love to hear from you.


At Encoda, we do more than profess our values. We practice them through an agreed-upon and shared set of behaviors that make up our DNA. We are clear about what is important to us, and we take care that our intentions, words, thoughts, and behaviors align with those values.

Inclusive: We foster an environment where you can thrive among smart, thoughtful, and humble colleagues.

Collaborative: We have the courage to ask for help and actively listen to our clients and each other.

Authentic: We approach all situations (internal and external) with positive intent and integrity.

Committed: We deliver results with a passion for our clients’ success.


  • Lead the customer success team for scalability and growth
  • Add value to customer relationships and drive desired goals
  • Create an optimized and data-led model of the customer journey
  • Develop and implement relevant metrics, health scores, and KPI’s
  • Increase product adoption, customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction
  • Collaborate with sales and marketing for upsell and cross-sell strategies
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures to facilitate a quality customer service experience
  • Establish performance metrics and service levels for the department
  • Develop and implement methods to record, assess, and analyze customer feedback
  • Implement training and quality assurance programs for all employees
  • Recommend or acquire updates to technology, equipment, and policies for improved customer service and retention
  • Act as liaison between our clients and all others within the Business.
  • Work alongside CFO to draft and implement the department’s budget


At Encoda, we are big believers in competencies. Competencies are different from technical skills or experience. Technical skills describe the 'what' you do, whereas competencies describe 'how' you do it. Following is a list of competencies required for success in this role:

Critical Thinking: Applies logical reasoning and considers why status quo or suggested solutions won’t work.

Executive Presence: Ability to command attention, and convey confidence, intelligence, and charisma at the executive and senior levels.

Empathic Listening: Creates lasting relationships by building rapport and trust; listens carefully to both expressed and unexpressed needs.

Persuasion: Uses strong arguments and creative approaches to gain support for a point of view and mobilize people into action.

Leadership: Hires, motivates, coaches, and empowers staff to work towards a common goal and in line with Encoda’s Core Values.

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