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Vice President - Customer Success, Large Client Segment
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Dallas, Texas, United States
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Employer Direct Healthcare
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Please notice that this job posting is older than 7 days. It might be deleted by provider site.

About Employer Direct Healthcare: 

Employer Direct Healthcare is focused on giving access to quality & affordable healthcare for our members. We understand and have experienced the challenges of navigating specialized healthcare and we are dedicated to making a change. 

We partner with large self-funded employers to create a benefit program for specialized care. We connect with high-quality providers to give our members peace of mind when going into surgery. And we support our members by helping them navigate the tricky aspects of healthcare; whether that be selecting a doctor, scheduling appointments, or following up after a procedure has been completed to make sure our members are feeling better. 

About You: 

  • You have a drive and AMBITION to tackle big problems. Big problems require big ideas and a team that supports new ideas. 
  • You CARE deeply for your customers. Your customers aren’t just the individuals using your product. They are the driving factor in your motivation to make a change. 
  • You thrive in a TEAM ENVIRONMENT. Collaboration is key in innovation and creating change. 
  • A DIVERSE environment is incredibly important to you. You understand and desire to be a part of a diverse team with different experiences and perspectives & you cherish the differences in each individual that you interact with. 
  • You are DETAIL ORIENTED, but more so, focus on the execution of your content while balancing a fast-paced environment. 
  • You understand that PROGRESS is critical to making change. You take the time to celebrate the small and big wins. Understanding that each improvement to a process helps move towards a greater change. 
  • INTEGRITY guides you in life. Focusing on the truth versus just giving people the answers they want to hear. 


Key Responsibilities: 

Client Relationship Management: 

  • Build and nurture strong relationships with our large employer clients 
  • Understand client needs and align our services to meet their objectives. 
  • Act as the primary point of contact for key clients. 

Revenue Growth: 

  • Develop and execute strategies to drive revenue growth within the large employer portfolio. 
  • Identify opportunities for upselling and expanding our services 
  • Ensure revenue targets are met and exceeded. 

Client Retention: 

  • Focus on renewing and retaining high-value strategic accounts. 
  • Implement retention strategies to ensure a solid client base. 
  • Address client concerns and issues promptly and effectively.Team Leadership: 
  • Lead and mentor a team of dedicated account executives and managers. 
  • Create a collaborative and high-performance team culture. 
  • Provide coaching, training, and support for professional growth. 

Operational Excellence: 

  • Drive operational efficiency and excellence within the client success team. 
  • Establish data-driven systems for performance management. 
  • Develop and implement standardized processes to ensure consistency in client service. 

Strategic Planning: 

  • Define clear goals, strategies, and plans to achieve and exceed revenue targets. 
  • Continuously evaluate and adjust strategies to meet changing market dynamics. 

Reporting and Communication: 

  • Regularly report progress to the executive leadership team and other client success leaders 
  • Provide insights into market trends, client feedback, and opportunities for improvement. 

Cross-Functional Collaboration: 

  • Collaborate closely with sales, marketing, network, member services, and other departments to ensure a unified approach. 
  • Work together to deliver exceptional value to our clients. 
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