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Client Success Specialist
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New York, New York, United States
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Citeline is one of the world's leading providers of data and intelligence on clinical trials, drug treatments, medical devices and what's new in the regulatory and commercial landscape. Relying on us to deliver vital advantage when making critical R&D and commercial decisions, our customers come from over 3000 of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, contract research organizations (CROs), medical technology, biotechnology and healthcare service providers, including the top 10 global pharma and CROs.

From drug and device discovery and development to regulatory approval, and from product launch to lifecycle management, we provide the intelligence and insight to help our customers seize opportunities, mitigate risk and make business-critical decisions, faster. As the pharma and healthcare sector faces unparalleled upheaval, customers rely on our independent advice, enabling them to cut through the clutter and make sense of changing drug development, regulatory and competitive landscapes.

Now, Citeline is proud to be a part of Norstella, an organization that consists of market-leading pharmaceutical solutions providers united under one goal: to improve patient access to life-saving therapies. Within this organization, Citeline plays a key role in helping clients connect the dots from pipeline to patient.

The Citeline Team is seeking a highly qualified individual who will implement best and measurable practices to increase profitability of an award-winning US Renewal Specialist team.

The Client Success Specialist will be responsible for the planning and execution of process-driven best practices and enhancing the varied skillsets of the team. The role requires a highly organized individual to maintain a book of business as a CSS, while strategizing retention, upsell, and cross-sells with the account management team. This role will be essential in achieving the goal to improve renewal rates from 87% to 90%+, resulting in increased ACV performance. The expectation is for an average value increase of 8% year over year as well.

This role will:

  • Strategize creative approaches to renewals and upsell opportunities
  • Orchestrate and manage regular meetings with respect to current state of business
  • “Game-plan” with sales managers on how RS’ should work with reps
  • Save sales manager’s time by supporting clerical questions i.e, salesforce, approval issues
  • Determine best practices and create “play-book” for future reference
  • Hold quarterly goal reviews with Account Managers and Sales Managers to ensure growth
  • Work with account managers on building and fostering client relationships
  • Maintain accurate renewal forecasting
  • Create synergies between sales teams and outside departments, i.e, marketing, training teams
  • And other duties as assigned

The guiding principles for success at Norstella:

01: Bold, Passionate, Mission-First 

We have a lofty mission to Smooth Access to Life Saving Therapies and we will get there by being bold and passionate about the mission and our clients. Our clients and the mission in what we are trying to accomplish must be in the forefront of our minds in everything we do.

02: Integrity, Truth, Reality

We make promises that we can keep, and goals that push us to new heights. Our integrity offers us the opportunity to learn and improve by being honest about what works and what doesn’t. By being true to the data and producing realistic metrics, we are able to create plans and resources to achieve our goals.

03: Kindness, Empathy, Grace

We will empathize with everyone's situation, provide positive and constructive feedback with kindness, and accept opportunities for improvement with grace and gratitude. We use this principle across the organization to collaborate and build lines of open communication.

04: Resilience, Mettle, Perseverance

We will persevere – even in difficult and challenging situations. Our ability to recover from missteps and failures in a positive way will help us to be successful in our mission.

05: Humility, Gratitude, Learning

We will be true learners by showing humility and gratitude in our work. We recognize that the smartest person in the room is the one who is always listening, learning, and willing to shift their thinking.

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