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Customer Success Manager
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United States
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Change Machine
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The Customer Success Manager is responsible for the success of partners after the point of sale and throughout their partnership with us . This includes set up, onboarding, account support, and facilitating renewals. They will also be in charge of all technical support activities to ensure a seamless experience for our partners. This includes resolving all technical support requests, creating support documentation, and coordinating with the Engineering Team to resolve Platform bugs and errors. 

Key Responsibilities

CUSTOMER SUPPORT (50% of the time)

  • Technical Support:
    • Manage technical support communications with Partner Organizations and effectively handle all cases via Zendesk chat
    • Create and maintain Salesforce Cases from Zendesk to track and manage Case data within Salesforce
    • Create external (Zendesk) and internal-facing (Google Drive) documentation regarding the Change Machine Platform
    • Collect customer feedback to identify areas for improvement, work with the product development team to communicate these requests, and close the feedback loop with partners 
  • Technical Support:
    • Replicate and report issues that customers are observing  and forward them to the Engineering team for resolution
    • Coordinate with the Engineering Team to release product updates and fixes

PARTNER SUCCESS (50% of the time)

  • Onboarding and Offboarding
    • Manage all installations of the platform
    • Be the first point of contact for all partners, connect them to other team resources as needed, and maintain open communications throughout their subscription
    • Facilitate participation of enterprise partners in their respective projects
  • Account Management
    • Manage bookkeeping for partners in our internal Salesforce CRM, ensuring all paid and sponsored partners are accurately accounted for in the system
    • Support with community engagement events aimed at building our Community of Practice
    • Monitor and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) related to customer support and satisfaction. Ability to implement strategies to improve metrics.
  • Renewals and Offboarding
    • Oversee the renewal process by ensuring partners receive timely communications and addressing any questions/concerns they may have
    • Manage all uninstallations and license deactivation processes
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