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Do you wish your work had greater tangible impact? 🌟

At Anima, we're building the next generation care enablement platform for healthcare teams. You'll be building a product that saves lives; multiple Clinical Engineers (ex-MDs and fullstack Software Engineers) quit lucrative medicine jobs to join Anima for that very reason!

Our mission is to deliver precision medicine to everyone in the world, within 24 hours. We know exactly how to get there and we’re moving ferociously with focus.

Our ambition is to be the OS for all of healthcare and life sciences, through a proprietary active learning, crowdsourcing training architecture - we call it Anima 2.0. We already have one of the biggest, highest quality labelled datasets in the world.

We're profitable, growing at 100% MoM, and went from $0 ARR to $1m ARR in 6 months from launch (Apr '22). We’re on track to hit $10m ARR by H2 ‘24. That's pretty unprecedented in SaaS, never mind healthcare!

Backed by a top 1% VC and Y Combinator (home of epic companies like Airbnb, Coinbase, Stripe) 🚀

We were one of the hottest companies of YC’s W21 batch: we raised over $2.5m before Demo Day within 4 days, led by Hummingbird (consistently top 1% of global returns), giving us a runway of 4+ years. We have now closed an over subscribed Series A round.

**We have a pretty unique hacker culture at Anima with a flat hierarchy: almost everyone is technical and can code. A 'knights of the round table' structure and thinking from first principles is core to our culture, and is how we've made such rapid progress**. It's reflected in how we operate:

  1. There's no separate founder, product & engineering teams - instead, we have Clinical Engineers who are both their own customers (MDs) and are strong fullstack engs, collaborating with pure software engineers. Due to the quality of our team, there's a heavy focus on coaching and teaching, with minimal to no line management.

    • We've been able to make huge strides in the NHS because we all deeply understand the problem, grading tasks based on our engineering expertise, and real life clinical trade-offs. This deep domain knowledge is ultimately how we integrated with the major electronic health records (EMIS and SystmOne) in just 4 months.

  2. We're relentlessly resourceful - in 14 months, we've built an extremely loved enterprise app (NPS = 87) that users have said 'seems too good to be true'. Anima can take an information complete medical history as good or better than a typical human doctor, and automates patient comms and clinical notes.

  3. Anima is a safe haven for free thinkers and we've been careful to build a culture where everyone feels comfortable being their complete unfiltered self, sharing their honest thoughts, feelings without ever needing to self-censor. Our hiring acceptance rate is around 0.5-0.8%, which is lower than YC. You're joining hyper elite special forces, and your crewmates will never let you down or waste your time.

  4. We hire talented people who think from first principles and have high growth potential - great decision makers who deserve to have complete autonomy and are forces of nature when empowered with it. Decisions are never made in isolation by the founders. All information is transparently available to the whole team on our Notion - every meeting, decision, success, failure.

  5. At the same time, we are deeply collaborative, and through mutual and self-challenge, we converge towards the optimum, and decisively execute. We are united by child-like intellectual curiosity and experiment and wander freely when the right path isn’t clear. We believe all future managers should be formidable individual contributors & domain experts.

  6. We hire candidates from all over the world. We have remote hubs in EU West, NA and India, and plans to seed some in person teams in those areas too in the next 12 months (in addition to our fully remote teams). We offer flexibility over work schedule and location.

  7. We have a good time :) we've had team lunches in Duck & Waffle, Breakfast Club, dumplings in Chinatown, had private screenings in our own cinema, booked out the Sky Pool etc. We get the whole team together at least twice a year for team retreats, with the last ones in Brittany, France and Mexico!

Join Anima and save lives 🌟

Hi - My name is Shun, a medical doctor and CEO of Anima. Thanks for checking out our job ad! We’re tackling a problem that has affected everyone in some way:
  • Globally, millions die every year because their medical problems aren’t treated quickly enough. Hundreds of millions suffer pain, worry and discomfort needlessly because of long waiting times.

  • We’ve built ambitious software to automate the entire healthcare workflow - from history taking consultations, to report abstraction, to recommending & saving a coded action plan for the patient, ready for a human doctor to greenlight.

  • By doing this, we get patients optimal care within 24 hours and 10x the clinical workflow in the process. It's a win-win for patients and healthcare professionals.

We are pretty unique among health techs: we have both medical and engineering domain expertise - there are 4 doctors working full time at Anima, as well as 'pure' software engineers. I wrote the first backend in Node, 80% of which is still used. As a doctor and former HM Treasury health policy advisor managing £4bn budgets in UK health spending, I have full stack domain knowledge and personal experience of the problem we’re solving.

Like me, the whole Anima team have personal experience of the problem we're solving: we're building what we wished we had as doctors.

Do you want to save lives with every clinic you help to deploy Anima?

Use your influence and people skills to get Anima into clinics and entire regions: an urgently needed product that saves lives amid critical levels of patient demand, with healthcare systems in crisis across the globe.

Please note that as this role may involve site work and on-site support for our users, we can only consider your application if you are based in the UK. You will not be able to complete our screening task if you are not based in the UK, so please bear this in mind when submitting your application. We hope to welcome you to the team soon!

We're now used in 100+ GP practices across the country, serving close to 1 million patients. We’ve been growing more than 100% MoM in terms of users and revenue, and recently it’s been more like 2-3x MoM! We’re profitable, and on track to hit $5m ARR by EOY ‘23, from $0 in Apr ‘22 (~18 months).

In addition to delighting users, our customer success team plays a pivotal role in product direction, and in deciding what we build next. At Anima, you’ll be conduits for users, ensuring we evolve Anima into the right personalised medicine platform.

Enable our users to build the future of healthcare, and guide them to real behaviour change.

Our NPS is 87, and we’ve never churned a clinic. Our current sales team have said that one of the biggest perks of working at Anima is seeing the delight and disbelief on people’s faces when we show them a demo of Anima, something that is truly a 10x generational leap. Here’s what some of our users have been saying:

“I sent a plan to the patient and it’s incredible, within a few minutes they’re coming back to me saying that they can make the appointment!”

I would call that next generation, I think you have that badge

”Sometimes you need to stop driving a Fiesta and buy a Mercedes

“We now get 3000 phone calls less a week!”

Lots of us went into medicine because we wanted to maximise our positive impact. At Anima, we understand that distribution is the other half of a legendary product. Here are incredible things we’ve built as a result of our fullstack sales team:

  • A Clinical Director at one of our practices wanted to streamline multiple access channels and make access equitable and fair. After some great discovery and deep listening, the AM together with the customer suggested we build something called ‘proxy requests’, which would allow the reception team at a clinic to complete Anima requests on behalf of a patient who was on a landline call - this made it possible to give someone with no internet or mobile phone the same access to care. This has been a critical and much applauded feature that has led to viral referrals and fanatical users.

  • Bronagh, a fullstack account manager, realised that adding a configurable feature that allows patients to self-book appointments directly into the electronic health record calendar would be critical to closing large enterprise accounts. By deeply understanding the pain points and anxieties underlying the feature, Anima built the feature in 9 days, to the great excitement of users at demo calls and $1m+ ACV meetings.

  • Off the back of fanatical referrals from our existing user base, we’ve been invited to present to NHS England at national and regional primary care board meetings, and have been helping to shape the future of primary care through an upcoming $1bn+ procurement framework.

Our current users & what to expect from the role:

We're live in GP practices across the country, being used by real doctors and patients. In 2022, we've partnered with 10s of new practices and onboarded our first Primary Care Network (PCN). We’ve also supported our current users to become expert, fanatical users of Anima. In 2023, we'll be working with the NHS to deploy Anima at regional & national level, and identifying international partners.

Here’s some information on our technical stack in case you are interested (this may not make much sense to you - that's okay!): we are tech agonistic, and collectively choose the best tools for the job. We’re constantly looking to maximise our productivity and minimise what we call “discounted dev time cost” for shipping features. We have 2 separate fully functional web apps in prod: one for clinical users and one for patients. We have good functional & unit test coverage and we recently implemented an advanced CI/CD pipeline which supports golden screenshots and automated frontend tests.

We’re looking for a coach who can swiftly grasp the dynamics of entire accounts, understanding the communication styles, decision-making processes, and execution drivers of stakeholders within each GP clinic. Your role will involve devising strategic plans to propel these accounts towards their optimal trajectory, while simultaneously coaching them on understanding and aligning with their overarching goals (eg. enhancing patient user experience, improving patient well-being etc.) As you discover proprietary insights, you will also help maximise user experience and generate strong customer feedback loops to product.

Does this sound like you?

  • Hungry and wants their shot to change the world - a force of nature when empowered with the tools, resources and development to do it.

  • A gifted relationship builder: able to quickly build rapport and an uncanny ability to read people's minds and understand their core desires and motivations. Able to scale this superpower to build & maintain relationships across whole organisations.

  • An outstanding conduit between users and our product/engineering team: ability to accurately and reliably translate user painpoints into actionable insights and suggestions that power feature development.

  • Exceptionally organised & user-oriented: never fails to engage users at the optimal moment, and constantly finds new ways to delight our users.

  • Extraordinary attention to detail: picks up on the smallest signals around user sentiment and goes to extreme lengths to ensure a delightful user experience.

  • Exceptional communicator, able to write and speak persuasively and distill complex information into clear and concise points, without jargon.

  • Pragmatic rather than dogmatic in decision making: able to weigh real world data appropriately, changing course when necessary towards optimal outcomes for patients and clinicians.

  • Keen to understand the big picture & entire context of the company and vertical

  • Seeks to maximise combined team productivity, communicating the right things at the right time through the right channels.

  • Intellectually curious and loves learning - able to tackle entirely novel challenges that lack prior precedent through first principles thinking, creatively using the right pragmatic approach, with an understanding of alternatives and trade offs.

We’d prefer if you had at least 5+ years of B2B/enterprise SaaS experience, strong project management capabilities with a proven track record in building customer success playbooks. You will drive customer lifetime value by defining the customer journey and deploying scalable processes for large enterprise clients. You have commercial ownership experience including driving referrals, expansion and upsell opportunities.

Some examples of what to expect:

First Month:

  • Join customer onboarding calls to develop a deep understanding of their fundamental motivations and needs/pain points, and translate this into the optimal roadmap of features.

  • Join the team at events & conferences, speaking to potential users, leading customer calls, troubleshooting technical issues, etc.

  • Immediately build relationships and rapport with our users, supporting new users to get started with Anima, and enabling existing users to reach their full potential using the platform

Next 6 months:

  • Work closely with Head of Customer Success to develop and iterate our onboarding & success process, devising the playbooks and frameworks to maximise user delight and fanaticism.

  • Source and filter user feedback & work with the engineering team to identify features that result in a high retention delta. Make this a data-driven approach powered by analytics.

  • Help build a world-class CS organisation - Implement the right processes at the right times to maximise discounted team productivity and minimise discounted dev time of the features that will lead to maximum conversion.

6+ months:

  • Work with our product and distribution teams to identify and implement opportunities to delight users at every single touchpoint they have with the team.

  • Work on expanding our total addressable market, expanding new product lines, working on upsells, cross-sells and maximising CS referrals

  • Things get infinitely more exciting down the line!

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